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Daniel’s compassion, professionalism, and skills will produce a video that will move hearts to action. Our 2015 Annual Spring Banquet which featured his work raised more funds than any previous banquet we had ever done! Thanks again Daniel for your hard work, and amazing finished product!!

Billy AnayaMedical Teams International

Daniel finished the project on time and exceeded my expectations. He was very professional and personable. He has a knack for listening and understanding the requests of his clients.

Steve CowdenThe Port of Portland

I have been able to work with Daniel numerous times and on various projects. Between his hard work ethic and his passion for film making, he possesses the ability to take his ideas to another creative level.

Aaron AltemoseMusic Producer

I would describe his level of work and professionalism as exceptional. Daniel has a wonderful eye for setting up shots and is meticulous in his pre-production preparation. As a director, he is precise and clear and able to take charge. I would recomend Daniel Cegla for any video project you are planning.

James LiptakComposer

Daniel is a pleasure to work with. His natural people skills, based on a rare combination of astute observation and intuition, immediately put those around him at ease. He is also an extremely fast learner, even when dealing with advanced technical tasks, it appears he’s been doing things he’s just learned for ages.

Justine SarfanSenior Brand Strategist at Periera & O’Dell

Dan changed the game for us. The quality of video he delivered surpassed my expectations. From the moment I gave Dan a tour of our clinic, you could see the light bulbs going off with ideas. He took our project on with a passion, like his success was hinged on our one video. He was incredibly professional, fun to be around and very patient. We WILL be hiring him again very soon.

Renee Wooten

Daniel is a natural leader and very passionate about his work. Over the past couple of years, I’ve worked with him on various video projects which he directed and edited, and he does a great job at clearly communicating his ideas to the team. He is a perfectionist and it makes everyone on the team, and the finished product, better because of it. I always look forward to working with him – he’s a great team player, and I can always depend on him to deliver under pressure or tight deadlines.

Derek CheungVFX Director at Digital Domain

Daniel is extremely passionate about film making. He really makes the most out of the resources he’s given. He also showed the ability to work with people at varying degrees of experience, e.g. from first-timers to seasoned performers.

Long Ton ThatNike

After witnessing Daniel’s vision & the story process, I was taken aback to the extremity of talents his final projects portray. Not only does one need a creative vision to do this line of work, but an in depth social skill to be able to translate/incorporate the target audience–thus allowing to take something home from what was seen.

Jorge Perez JrPayRange

It was clear from the beginning that Daniel was an asset to the group. He was a diligent worker who would do whatever that was asked of him. He was technically saavy and was continuously eager to learn more.  I would highly recommend Daniel to any company.

Mike BettsEvanta

Daniel knows his stuff and has a passion to use video for telling a story. He does Great work and cares about his final product. He is well rounded and versatile with all aspects of the creative process from concept to completion.

Joshua MitchellCreative Director

Daniel was an amazing person to work with. He was always ready to jump in with both feet and put his colleagues and customers before himself always. I would absolutely recommend him and would love to work with him again in the future.

Jonathan RuffnerStellar Professional Microphones

Daniel has a professional manner that is warm and welcoming. He has the ability to adjust His vocabulary and linguistic register of what he is saying to match the needs of his clients. He can easily talk to many people comfortably and clearly. He is a joy to work with as he is approachable and organized.

Lauren McCarthaApple

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When I was young, I wanted to be an author.

But then I fell in love with cinematography – both the way it can create and evoke so much out of the things we see everyday, and capture the breathtaking things we may never otherwise see.

I became amazed at the power of editing – by it’s ability to turn images into captivating storytelling, and how the subtlest of changes can have the most profound impacts.

I was captured by filmmaking, because it has the power to capture and immortalize emotion in the most ephemeral of moments.

After nearly 20 years, hundreds of videos, and dozens of countries later, I’ve realized that I hadn’t given up my dream to be an author – I’d found it, in the way that people experience story best today.

From end-to-end storytelling and production, to consulting, creative direction, filming, or editing, I’d love to be a part of the story you’re telling.

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